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BearTooth Collective presenting,
“Wait For More” by Creative Space Cadet & OHYEAHEDUARDO.

Wait For More is a three track EP from Creative Space Cadet & OHYEAHEDUARDO. Creative Space Cadet (also stylized as CS Cadet or CSC) delivers esoteric raps of dualistic reflection while OHYEAHEDUARDO (one-half of Chicago hip-hop duo LOWERLIPDRIP) keeps listeners on their toes with dynamic beats. Clocking in at just under five minutes, this EP demands the listener's entire focus and leaves them yearning for more.

More Creative Space Cadet: creativespacecadet.bandcamp.com
More OHYEAHEDUARDO: soundcloud.com/metroyiyo


released September 28, 2018

Beats and production: OHYEAHEDUARDO
Lyrics raps, and vocal production: Creative Space Cadet
Artwork: Connie Chu, based on a photograph by TWIZZY


all rights reserved



BearTooth Collective Savannah, Georgia

Visual Artwork & Genre-inclusive DIY Music Collective.


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Track Name: IANVS
Did you land today
Was the flight safe
Did you love it all
The heartbreak

I will never be like you
Saying all the shit you do

you wanna face this
let's shape the basics
let's talk some fake shit
don't step to me

I run from problems
Like I run the jewels
I wrote this song
Like I wrote the rules
I note the lyric
like notes in school

I'm a noted failure
Meant to carry a
Albatross in
Mass hysteria

Scorpio so
Close the door
So passionate
Let's hit the floor

Passive and painful
I'm not the same tho
I am no savior
I don't do tasteful

Pesos to pagans
I'll skip on bacon
Three things I'm hatin
Klan, cops, and reagan

Stealing some lines while you cuttin up yours
Sweaty as fuck cuz I fear [feel?] civil war
Looking at horses i counted up four
May I die fly at the edge of the shore

So you want more
Track Name: ELSI II
Emboden motion standing at divinity
Like finite energy of any old enemy
Hellishly two tabs loosens mind
God's a breath away standing at the firing line

If pain is the purpose
For takin me as worthless
Playin chicken with the serpents
I hope you feelin nervous

And on and on
And on and on
And on and on
And on and on

Speak not to thy neighbor
More closer to the savior
Written verses
my wrist to a sabre

Rudely crude movement
to make it hurt fluent
Say the curse make me worse
I know you love to do it

I know you love my pain
I know you hate my name
Outta tune with the lunar
Nothin ever be the same

Rain blessed
Same stress
Slain test
Fame less
fuck i am to say this
i aim to die nameless
Track Name: NYX
Take time
You take time
You take mine
Make cash
You call that
The real life

Lemme see you throw your hands up
Lemme see you throw some bands up

Take some
You take some
You sip rum
Have fun
No one
Lives on

Lemme be the nightly pickup
Lemme be the one you fuck up

You can not take
This hell oh well
I will win this
No for giveness

Know more
You know more
You know war
We all
Know what
You're good for

Lemme think about your choices
Lemme try to kill the voices

Run fast
You run fast
You run past
My life
Looks like
A bloodbath

Lemme be bruised and bandaged
Lemme be framed in madness

You held me by the heart
You pulled my wings apart
I loved every part of you
So what did you do?

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